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Resitan Co. has been established in 1981 by the group of founders of PARS METAL Co., CHAUFAGEKAR Co., IRAN FERRO SILICE Co. and many other successful industrial factories.

We have the honor to state that with an annual production capacity of 110000 MT of over 130 types of industrial resins, we have supplied many industrial enterprises.

Our products include;

Alkyd Resins and Modified Alkyd Resins (Long, Medium & Short oil); applied in paints, coatings and etc.

Amino Resins (Urea formaldehyde, Melamine formaldehyde and Benzoguanamine); applied in paints, coatings and etc.

Epoxy Ester Resins (air and/or stove drying) applied in paint and coating industries and etc.

Solid Epoxy Resins; applied in powder coatings, electronics and electrical industries.

Acrylic Resins (solvent-based) including thermoset, thermoplastic and two- component resins, applied in traffic paints, primers on wood and plastic and paper surfaces, printing inks and final finishes.

Acrylic Resins (water-based) with application in interior and exterior paints enameled paints, lacquers, primers, concrete coatings, textile industry and etc.

Saturated Polyester Resins; applied in industrial paints, can & coil coatings, automobile paints, marine industry paints and etc.

Solid polyester Resins applied in powder paints production.

Unsaturated polyester Resin applied in fiberglass industry, pips, marine industry, artificial stones, etc.

Foundry Resins and Hardeners; applied in foundry industry and molding.

Phenolic Resins (Resole and Novolac); applied in Brake lining, roughing wheels, Cutting wheels, Refractory products, Insulation felts, can coatings and etc.

Phenolic molding powders (Bakelite); applied in Electrical parts, gas and electricity boards, lamp couplings kitchen appliances and etc.

Vinyl Ester Resins; applied in all types of pipes and fiber glass tanks, profiles, chemical storage tanks, surface coatings and etc.


Resitan Co., by trusting and cooperating with Iranian experts has been succeeded to fulfill local market requirements and to achieve a considerable share in paint and coatings global market. And  has also been awarded as "The Exemplary Resin Exporter in Iran." for years.

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