Alkyd Resins

Alkyd Resins

This type of resins, is divided to three categories of long, medium and short oil alkyds based on the oil content.

-Long Oil Alkyd Resins are based on Soya fatty acid and are processed with Pentaerythritol/glycerin. They are applied in manufacturing of architectural paints, decorative paints, anti-corrosion primers, lacquers and inks.

-Medium oil Alkyd Resins are based on Soya fatty acid and are processed with Pentaerythritol. They show good chemical properties and are used in manufacturing of industrial and architectural paints.

-Short oil Alkyd Resins are based on soya oil and coconut fatty acid and are processed with Pentaerythritol or glycerin, and are classified accordingly in two groups of air-drying and non-drying. Air-drying resins have very good flexibility and adhesion characteristic. They are used for making air-drying and fast –drying paints, hammer paints, lacquers and coatings for metal or concrete surfaces. Non-drying resins are commonly used in combination with Amino, Isocyanate and Nitro-cellulose resins. These are used for making stoving enamels, home appliances final coats, automobile top coats; metal surface coatings, Nitro-cellulose and clear lacquers.


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