Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Unsaturated Polyester Resin


Unsaturated Polyesters are the product of saturated and unsaturated di-acids with di-alcohols. During polymerization, vinyl monomer makes cross-sectional links with unsaturated centers of acid in the main chain and therefore results in a three dimensional network. By design of the formulation and control of unsaturated and saturated acids, catalysts, time and temperature of reaction, a wide range of resins with different applications can be produced.

Among advantages of these resin, high mechanical and chemical resistance, good chemical, low electrical conductivity, competitive price, easy application and handling, and high flexibility can be mentioned. Unsaturated polyesters are more used in different applications compared to other thermoset resins, actually their global annual consumption is 1 million tons. Polyester resins can be applied in different processes such as hand layup and spray up, foundry, Pultrusion, SMC & BMC, etc.


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