Phenolic Resins

Phenolic Resins

These types of resins are divided into two groups of Resol and Novolac, based on the molar proportion of raw materials and type of catalyst.

Resole:Phenolic resins based on base catalysts are Resol. They have applications in production of  abrasive discs,refractory products, carbon – magnesite bricks,  as adhesive in wood industry, as a binder in electrical insulation, different types of non air-drying industrial adhesives ,can lacquers coatings and etc. They are supplied in liquid form. The best curing temperature is between120-160 °C

Novolac:Phenolic resins based on acid catalysts are Novolac. They are most applied in abrasion resistant materials, roughing wheels, cutting wheels, brake lining,structural metal adhesive,sound & heat insulation felt, coating sands and etc. They are supplied both on liquid and solid powder form.

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